Aseltine School 

TIEE's Cook Education Center & Urban Skills Center

Excelsior Academy ~ MERIT Academy ~ New Alternatives 

New Dawn  ~ North County ~ Academy ~ REACH Academy

San Diego Center For Children Academy ~ Sierra Academy

Springall Academy ~ Stein Center ~ STEPS ~ The Winston School

San Diego CAPSES Sports League's Mission Statement
The San Diego CAPSES Sports League is committed to developing athletic skills and sportsmanship while providing an opportunity for students with special needs to play competitive sports. The goal of this league is for every game to be a positive experience for all players on both teams, regardless of which team is victorious in the game. As the schools involved in this league serve a wide range of individuals with special needs, coaches on both competing teams, actively work to balance the competition in the interest of keeping the game competitive.  All participants, coaches and players alike, are committed to play fair, treat others with respect and to always do their best.